What is Freight shipping?

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What is Freight Shipping

What is freight shipping? Shipping is a very broad term and can be interpreted in several methods. However, freight shipping is all to do with freight. Freight shipping can be defined as goods that need to be transported on a large scale on a commercial transportation like a big ship. It can also mean transportation of goods (commercially) via other means like container trucks or via air.

Hence what is freight shipping? Freight shipping is the term we use to define the actual process of transportation. This is the process of transporting cargo by land, sea or air.

Types of freight shipping used by shipping companies in USA

Freight shipping is big and everything associated with it is also big. The different types of shipping help understand what shipping is. The common modes of freight shipping can be defined like below:

Less than truckload

Less than truckload (LTL) are generally defined as a shipment of more than one parcel but not very large and hence does not require all the space. Hence the name less than truckload. In terms of weight, a shipping pallet weighing between 150 to 15,000 pounds can be classified as to be “Less than truckload” (LTL).

Full truckload

A full truckload as the name suggests is large load and those are the ones that require all the space available. The cargo in this case is large enough and is for cargo weighing more than 15,000 pounds. This type of freight shipping tends to be more cost effective and lesser potential for damage to cargo. It is also easier to handle.

Partial truckload

Partial truckload is suited for freight over 5,000 pounds and such that it does not require the full truckload. In this case, it is possible to share the cost with other shippers. The partial truckload type of freight shipping works out as a good cost saver as well.


Intermodal shipping essentially means using many different types of transportation modes to make the transportation of the goods more efficient. This can include rail, trucks and even ships. The main benefit of doing so is that it helps keep the costs low and reduce the fuel use.


Expedited freight as the name suggest is the type of cargo that needs to be delivered quickly. Such shipments are time critical and are often delivered via either truck or air.

Types of Freight Shipping

What is the shipping rate used by freight shipping companies?

Size and Weight

The weight of the package and the size are two very important factors that influence the cost of the shipping. These measures are usually rounded out to the next inch.

Origin and destination

The shipping distance and place of shipping also play a big role. The higher the distance the higher the rate and additionally if it involves delivery in metro area it may increase the cost as well. Other factors are domestic shipping, international shipping, ocean shipping, LTL shipping.

Shipping method

The shipping method that dictates the mode of transport will directly affect the cost of shipping as well.

Special requirement

If the shipment has any special requirements in terms of handling like it is fragile, contains hazardous material or are perishable items, it will affect the cost of shipping.


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