How we work

In the freight shipping industry, information is critical. So is experience! The entire PK organization applies deep and distinctive functional expertise to help clients overcome typical or irregular supply chain challenges; for example, how to cope with demand and supply uncertainty, how to build and optimize the supply chain organization, and which supply chain planning and control strategies to employ.

We integrate our freight shipping solutions across all operations disciplines. We aim to optimize the complete supply chain system with both lean production and planning approaches. Viewing market and customer service level requirements as a key driver of supply chain design, we work with marketing and sales, distribution channels, and pricing strategies. We optimize the flow of your goods in and out of borders around the globe to meet market demands and your customer expectations.

relieve supply chain pressure points

in today’s business climate, customer expectations have grown more complex, which is fragmenting supply chains and shortening cycle times. supply chain efficiency alone is not sufficient; supply chains must become more agile in order to successfully respond to global trends and business pressures.


PortKick has safely transported and manage tens of millions of dollars worth of cargo for customers and that figure is growing quickly. As our clients grow, we grow alongside them, and the core of our company culture is growth at all costs. We hit these milestones due to one simple fact, we serve our customer by all means.


PortKick’s international network of agents, carriers, trucks, logistics partners, warehouses, factories and distribution facilities allows our team to efficiently move supply chains forward. Freight logistics, inbound logistics, exporting containers, and shipment tracking are all requirements for our clients, thus we meet their demands with no excuses for failure.


Thousands of clients from consumers and individual shippers to small and mid size firms rely on PK to safely manage to flow of their cargo. We track the freight movement from any desire pick up location. We manage the shipment of the freight through ports. Finally, we see the cargo safely arrive at the client’s final destination. 24/7 we manage shipments for our clients and the process continues again and again and we’re prepared for more of your demands.


365 days of the year our team lives and breathes to serve our customers. Supply chain logistics is not for the faint of heart. International trade has no breaks, no limits, and no days off so why would our team? Our organization remains competitive by empowering customers, putting their demands first, and never shirk and intense requests or last minute problems. We solve problems instantly and optimize for safety and efficiency.

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