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Freight shipping services or transit packaging that can be transported damage free through your supply chain is critical for your success. Whether your product is produced domestically or internationally, OIA Global has a menu of effective supply chain solutions. We’ll partner with you to improve your product promotion, reduce the cost of your packaging and distribution as well as the size of your carbon footprint, all while improving your responsiveness to the demands of the retail environment. Make Portkick your go to Freight Shipping Company!

Retail & Brand Packaging

Transit Packaging, Branded

PortKick has developed a lean approach to packaging. We call it “thinking inside the box,” and it promises to be nothing short of an industry game


Maximum Efficiency

Our goal is to make your supply chain as sound, functional, and efficient as possible. And once we’ve accomplished that, we’ll roll up our sleeves and optimize it some more.

PortKick is your go-to provider for custom packaging solutions. Our specialty has been breathing life into the most challenging and creative packaging design ideas, and in the process, we’ve created an extensive repertoire of custom packaging products. Our approach is to offer strategic competitiveness and clear differentiated features which allow your product to stand out among the competition.


Your product is your life. Packaging products is an essential component to any product’s existence and to fend of competition producers must consider the packaging of their product vital to their success. The packaging is gateway between your end customers and the product you’re selling. PortKick Packaging knows just how to take a client’s dream and bring it to life.

Economies of Scale

Our network of factories around the globe will assist your company with any rate of growth. Whether your product just hit the market or you’re business needs a global packaging supplier, our team will help your business create rocket ship growth with highly competitive pricing and reliable service.


This is never an issue. The PortKick Packaging team and partners currently supply some of the worlds leading brands. Products sold around the world are packaged by our factories. Our network and expertise will prepare your brand and product to see that regional or national distribution you want.

Shipping Companies today understand the value of quick go to market strategies. Portkick provides scalable solutions to serve your market and industry demands.


We aren’t afraid to break rules and push boundaries to produce the best custom packaging, binders, sales kits and point-of-purchase displays for our clients. We’ve invested in the best equipment available to ensure our capabilities are as diverse as they are cutting-edge. Our experts can provide a broad range of custom finishes to bring all of a client’s ideas to market.

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