In shops and stores around the world retailers are expected to deliver real customer service excellence. We believe that our retail customers have every right to expect the same exemplary standards of service from their transport and logistics partners. That’s why at PortKick is a global freight carrier and we work hard to build productive, long-term relationships with our retail clients. We take the time to get to understand their individual business needs and pressure points. That way as our customers’ needs evolve, our service evolves along with them. Global product sourcing has been essential to retailers’ commercial success for many years. Achieving commercial success in the retail market is tough. As well as extensive choice and high quality, consumers expect the products they order when and how they want them. PortKick knows that meeting these expectations requires robust supply chains with the flexibility to adapt to constantly changing needs. And that’s why so many of the world’s most respected retailers trust PortKick to transport their cargo 365 days of the year.


Freight Shipping with Portkick


The consumer goods industry faces many challenges that cannot be met without a reliable freight forwarder. Retailers know that having the right look in stores at the right time can make or break an entire sales season. Just as retailers launch new products, innovative designers and expert engineers are hard at work preparing for the next introduction. Speed to market is crucial and for good reason. Whether you’re concerned about navigating the complexities of international trade or slim industry profit margins, Portkick offers mutiple cost-effective cargo shipping services to meet your most challenging freight shipping requirements.

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