With global sourcing being an everyday reality, PortKick connects the growers, farmers and producers of agricultural products around the world with their key markets. For years we have built up the experience and expertise needed to deliver an efficient, economical shipping service, tailored to the requirements of our individual agricultural customers. Portkick has both the scale and the know-how to provide the optimal transport services for you, whatever your situation might be. Whatever your cargo, whatever your location, we can help. Being one of the best ocean freight shipping companies in the industry we will ship domestic and international freights.

Shipping and logistics in the agricultural sector present various complications unique to agricultural production that require heavy-duty equipment and efficient transportation. Local transportation regulations and international transport authorities can also complicate time and budget concerns by derailing your shipment schedules and adding permits and fees to your expenses. Portkick gives our clients in this field a competitive edge, in agriculture it means staying ahead of the unexpected and trusting the right people to move your heavy equipment. Click here to learn more about our services!

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