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Automotive Shipping

We understand the demands of automotive logistics, whether you are shipping cars, motorbikes or engine parts, and the pressures faced by manufacturers operating Just-In-Time (JIT) or Just-In-Sequence (JIS) production cycles. PortKick has the experience, expertise, and reliability to support such time-sensitive requirements – ensuring automotive cargoes are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. We provide a seamless, coordinated and efficient service across all of the major global trade lanes, enabling our customers to achieve their operational goals. Learn more about Freight Shipping a vehicle. 

Chemical Shipping

PortKick has a worldwide network international agents, each of which has the first-hand experience of local requirements and regulations regarding chemicals/dangerous goods in ports across the globe.

We also boast a specialist chemical support department that will ensure that your shipment meets the stringent compliance requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and they can also deal with any contingency along the way. With specialist chemists on-hand we can ensure that your chemical cargo (and the box it sits next to) is stowed and shipped in-keeping with the necessary legal and safety requirements. PortKick has genuine expertise in delivering containerized chemical cargoes swiftly, safely and with the minimum of fuss. Learn more about Chemical Freight Shipping. 

Food & Beverage Shipping

From frozen meats to fruit and vegetables, finished beers to fine whiskeys, many of the world’s most celebrated brands trust PortKick to fulfill their shipping and logistics needs every day. The scale and flexibility of our approach have enabled us to build successful, long-term relationships with growers, producers, wholesalers and retailers from all over the world. PortKick has the capability and expertise to deliver a world-class, worldwide shipping service. But what really sets us apart is our customer service. Our attentive approach ensures that our food and beverage shipping services evolve to match the changing needs of our customers. We listen to our customers and work hard to deliver an unrivaled level of tailor-made service. Learn more about the process of shipping food and beverages.

Mining & Mineral Shipping

Working right across the supply chain, we have provided international shipping services to those mining companies that rely on receiving the right equipment on-time. What’s more, because we take the time to get to know our customers’ businesses and work to build long-term relationships, our unrivaled customer service continues to improve over time. As a result, we’re able to offer ever-more flexible solutions, all designed to reflect your changing needs. Learn more about Mineral Freight Shipping. 

Paper & Related Cargo Shipping

PortKick understands that global shipping is more than simply scale and numbers – it is about expertise and customer service. We provide customers in the paper industries with wide-ranging, product-specific knowledge and an extensive equipment inventory. So wherever you are, whatever type of paper or paper-related product you are looking to ship, PortKick has the capacity, capability, and know-how to get the job done. Learn more about cargo shipping paper and related products. 

Plastics or Rubber Product Shipping

From natural polymers to petrochemical derivatives and thermoplastics, these commodities are essential to the manufacture, processing or packaging of products across countless other industries. What’s more, the management of plastic/rubber by-products, recyclables, and scrap materials is a substantial industry in itself. What consistently sets PortKick apart is our outstanding customer service. We work hard to build productive relationships with our customers, taking time to get to know their business properly; that way we’re able to offer flexible solutions that reflect their changing needs. Learn about the process of shipping plastic and rubber materials.

Retail Shipping

In shops and stores around the world, retailers are expected to deliver real customer service excellence. We believe that our retail customers have every right to expect the same exemplary standards of service from their transport and logistics partners. That’s why at PortKick we work hard to build productive, long-term relationships with our retail clients. We take the time to get to understand their individual business needs and pressure points. That way as our customers’ needs evolve, our service evolves along with them. Global product sourcing has been essential to retailers’ commercial success for many years. Achieving commercial success in the retail market is tough. As well as extensive choice and high quality, consumers expect the products they order when and how they want them. PortKick knows that meeting these expectations requires robust supply chains with the flexibility to adapt to constantly changing needs. And that’s why so many of the world’s most respected retailers trust PortKick to transport their cargo 365 days of the year. Learn more about Retail Freight Shipping. 

Agriculture Shipping

With global sourcing an everyday reality, PortKick connects the growers, farmers, and producers of agricultural products around the world with their key markets. For years we have built up the experience and expertise needed to deliver an efficient, economical shipping service, tailored to the requirements of our individual agricultural customers. We have both the scale and the know-how to provide the optimal transport services for you, whatever your situation might be. Whatever your cargo, whatever your location, PortKick can help. Being one of the best ocean freight shipping companies in the industry we will ship domestic and international freights. Learn more about Agriculture Freight Shipping. 

Looking for professional shipping service at an affordable price? While some international shipping companies have restrictions about the items you can ship, we make sure that we can ship and relocate ANYTHING. Whether a Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL), you can expect it to arrive at any place with confidence. Overseas shipping is the most popular method of transporting goods and materials internationally. Compared to methods like air freight transport, it is much more affordable and practical for large quantities of goods. The most popular method of shipping household goods overseas is via a container. Freight forwarders and international shipping logistics companies can help you plan for this process, which usually requires extensive documentation. For instance, shipping a car overseas necessitates documenting that the car is owned by the shipper, and the undercarriage will, most likely, have to be washed by an approved agency. Shipping containers overseas does require some unique documentation, including a bill of lading documenting the effects placed in the container, a certificate of origin, a dock receipt, a shipper’s export declaration (SED), and an insurance certificate. Hiring a freight forwarder to help with this process is well worth the additional cost.

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